Promote Your Business

The DiscoverNet Media Service has been developed with you in mind. Our focus is to help your business reach more customers in today's digital world. We understand the importance of "connecting" and the ability for your existing and potential new customers to access your business or product immediately.

Mobile App Features

Our Mobile Business Cards, Business Apps and FaceNet™ Marketing System have all the features that allow your customers to understand your business, your products or services. Allow your customers to easily call you, email you, text message you, see all your locations, view maps, get directions, view photos, purchase your products, access your Facebook page or Twitter feed, rate your business and much more.


Let people call you instantly with one click on any mobile phone

Social Media

Include all your Social Media links such as Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube

Maps & GPS Directions

Let people find you easily with Google Maps & GPS directions

PC, Phones & Tablets

Works with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPad, & all Android tablets

Send To A Friend

Viewers can instantly send your mobile business card to a friend through text or email

Photo Gallery

Show people photos of your business and your special products

Mobile Business App

The DiscoverNetu2122 Mobile Business App... one of the most powerful elements in your marketing arsenal. Your Mobile Business App can be designed with many different styles. No two Business Apps we create are alike. Click-To-Call Buttons... Having an easy way for your customers to call you on their mobile phone is very important. Email Form... Include an Email form allowing customers to email you directly. Google Maps & Directions... Allow your Business App visitors to find you easily with a Google Map & GPS driving directions. Customized Web Forms... A customized web form can be added. Event List... Easily include a list of upcoming events you might be hosting or sponsoring. Online Menu Integration... Allow your customer to order online from your restaurant & securely pay by credit card. Coupons... Create coupons easily in your mobile app that you can direct your customer to through a text message marketing campaign.

NebraskaLiveu2122 Channel

The very-popular NebraskaLiveu2122 YouTube Channel is an ever-expanding collection of DiscoverNetu2122 business clients featured in an easy to navigate playlist.

MarketSite Landing Pages

MarketSiteu2122 Landing Pages are a one-page website with all details of your business with photos or videos along with contact information, your hours of business, maps and Facebook comments. Facebook share buttons, links to your website, Facebook, menu, etc. The landing-page is extremely useful, acting as a u201chubu201d of information regarding your business.

SMS/Text Marketing

With SMS/Text Marketing you are given a u201ckeywordu201d that can be text to the short code 27126. An auto-reply link is delivered directing the recipient to your landing page, business app, website or Facebook. Text Marketing Service was created for the purposes of creating a marketable list of mobile numbers that have provided permission to receive your marketing messages. Your promotional messages can then be sent to this list on a regular scheduled basis.

Business Video Marketing

If you arenu2019t using video to improve your brand visibility online and boost your SEO efforts, you should be. Every business has a website and is fighting for a prominent search engine presence, but there arenu2019t nearly as many businesses fighting for a YouTube presence. That means that creating and posting videos provides you with more opportunities to target specific keywords.

Community Business Listing

DiscoverNetu2122 Business Listing... a custom designed listing regarding your business. Your listing is then categorized and indexed in your business community. Your listing is complete with interactive maps, directions, GPS along with a tap-to-call feature and a brief description of your business. A link to your website, hours of business or Facebook can also be offered.

On-Demand Mobile Marketing

Our ON-DEMAND Mobile Marketing Service is instantly available to all mobile users. No Apps or downloads are required. This combined with our response automation makes DiscoverNetu2019s TENiFY the perfect communication tool to market, target, and inform mobile users by providing them what they need, when they need it, 24/7.

Online Menu Integration

Allow your customer to order online from your wonderful restaurant, conveniently and securely pay by credit card. It's fast, easy and secure.

FaceNet Media Marketing

Harness the Power of Social Media through FaceNet Social Media Marketing, reaching 30-100K Fans on a regular schedule. FaceNet is a network of over 30 Facebooks communicating with each other daily!


Mobile Business Apps

We are dedicated to bring our customers beautiful & functional Business Apps that are designed toward bringing you more clients and more profits.

SMS / Text / Email Marketing

We've designed an easy to use system that will allow you to send text and email messages to your clients and customers notifying them of your specials & latest product information.

FaceNet™ Social Marketing

We specialize in making your Social Marketing campaigns successful which allows more potential customers discover & connect with your business & products which translates into more sales.


Mobile Text Marketing

$45/mo /month

  • FREE Keyword Provided
  • To Short Code 27126
  • Weekly Message Delivery
  • Customers Optin For Specials
  • Auto-Pay Qualified
  • Buy Now

FaceNet Social Media 2.0

$45/mo /month

  • Free MarketSite Landing Page
  • 2 Facebook Ad Generated Monthly
  • Ad Linked To Landing Page
  • Ad Placed Every 2 Weeks
  • Up To 30,000 Plus Viewers
  • Auto-Pay Qualified
  • Buy Now

FaceNet Social Media 4.0

$65/mo /month

  • Free MarketSite Landing Page
  • 4 Facebook Ads Generated / Monthly
  • Ad Linked To MarketSite Landing Page
  • Ad Placed 4 Times Monthly
  • Up To 30,000 Plus Viewers
  • Auto-Pay Qualified
  • Buy Now

Promotional KeyCard

$Zero /month

Setup Fee: $50

  • 500 Promotional KeyCards
  • FREE Logo Graphics
  • Displays Your QR Code
  • Displays Your Text Keyword
  • Displays Your Text Shortcode
  • Full Color One Side
  • Buy Now

Mobile Business App

$25 /month

Setup Fee: $150

  • Tap-To-Call Feature
  • Business Hours w/ Interactive Maps
  • Menu & Events Displayed
  • Social Media Integration
  • Send To A Friend Feature
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Buy Now

On-Demand Text Marketing

$29 /month

Setup Fee: $150

  • Fully Automated To Work 24/7
  • Automated Interactive SMS/MMS Service
  • 1 To 15 Unique Call-To-Action (CTA) Replies
  • Party Receives Info UPON REQUEST 24/7
  • You Receive A Unique Text Messaging Keyword
  • Receive The 590-590 Short Code
  • Buy Now

45 Sec Marketing Video

$Zero /month

Setup Fee: $199

  • Hosted on NebraskaLive YouTube Channel
  • Dynamic Marketing Video
  • Music Background
  • Dynamic Intro / Outro
  • SEO Optimized w/ Backlinks
  • Buy Now

MarketSite Landing Page

$10 /month

Setup Fee: $50

  • FREE Hosting On Our Server
  • Business Discription w/ Photos / Video
  • Contact Info / Phone Number
  • Hour of Business
  • Integrated Google Map
  • Link to Your Website / Menu
  • Facebook Share / Like Buttons
  • Buy Now

Restaurant Menu - Hosted PDF

$10 /month

Setup Fee: $60

  • Online Hosting
  • All Items Listed
  • Photos Where Applicable
  • Free Update Twice Yearly
  • Available 24/7
  • Buy Now

SPECTRUM 1.0 Campaign

$76 /month

  • Marketing Video 2 Times Yearly
  • FaceNet 2.0 (2 x monthly)
  • Network Mobile Text Marketing
  • MarketSite Landing Page
  • NebraskaLive YouTube Channel
  • DiscoverNet Community Business Listing
  • Buy Now

SPECTRUM 2.0 Super Campaign

$116 /month

  • Marketing Video 4 Times Yearly
  • FacNet Marketing 4.0 (4 x monthly)
  • Network Mobile Text Marketing
  • MarketSite Landing Page
  • NebraskaLive YouTube Channel
  • Mobile Business App
  • DiscoverNet Community Business Listing
  • Buy Now

SPECTRUM 3.0 Mega Campaign

$135 /month

  • Marketing Video 4 Times Yearly
  • FacNet Marketing 4.0 (4 x monthly)
  • Private Mobile Text Marketing
  • MarketSite Landing Page
  • NebraskaLive YouTube Channel
  • Mobile Business App
  • DiscoverNet Community Business Listing
  • Buy Now

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