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The DiscoverNet Media Network has been developed with you in mind. Our focus is to help your business reach more customers in today's digital world. We understand the importance of "connecting" and the ability for your existing and potential new customers to access your business or product immediately.

Fantastic Features

Our Mobile Business Cards, Business Apps and FaceNet™ Marketing System have all the features that allow your customers to understand your business, your products or services. Allow your customers to easily call you, email you, text message you, see all your locations, view maps, get directions, view photos, purchase your products, access your Facebook page or Twitter feed, rate your business and much more.


Let people call you instantly with one click on any mobile phone

Social Media

Include all your Social Media links such as Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube

Maps & GPS Directions

Let people find you easily with Google Maps & GPS directions

PC, Phones & Tablets

Works with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPad, & all Android tablets

Send To A Friend

Viewers can instantly send your mobile business card to a friend through text or email

Photo Gallery

Show people photos of your business and your special products


ON-DEMAND SMS Marketing is an easy-to-use automated interactive SMS/MMS service.

It works as a regular text message you send friends and family, or colleagues, to instantly receive information they need (no apps to install). Except that it doesn't require a manual response from the business: The system is fully automated to work 24/7 even when you and your staff are sleeping! It's extremely easy to see how it works: Simply text REALTOR to 590-590 to see and example of how it works.

Click-To-Call Buttons

Having an easy way for your customers to call you on their mobile phone is very important. We offer the ability to have more than one Click-To-Call phone number because some businesses can have several different phone numbers, for example a phone number to make reservations and another phone number to place to go orders. When a customer clicks the phone number on your Mobile Business App, the phone places the call instantly, avoiding the need to write down the phone number then key in the phone number to place the call.

Customer Feedback

All businesses love getting customer feedback, whether it is good feedback or bad feedback. Our Business Apps include an area dedicated to collecting customer feedback for you to read and review. The Business App feedback form ask the customer to give a Thumbs-Up or a Thumbs-Down and ask for their name, mobile number, and any extra comments they would like to offer. Once a customer submits their feedback, you receive a notification so you can read the feedback the customer gave.

Email Form

Include an Email form allowing customers to email you directly. The customer is asked their name, email address, phone number, and to enter any comments or questions they might have. Once the customer submits the form on your DiscoverNet Digital Business App, the information is emailed to you to read and review.

Google Maps & Directions

Allow your Business App visitors to find you easily with a Google Map and driving directions. The map will show a pin over your location and if the user gives the DiscoverNet Business App access to their phones GPS, will also show a pin over their current location and turn-by-turn driving directions. If you have multiple locations you can include a Google map to each of your locations. The visitor can see a list of the locations and click any of the addresses to view a Google map and get directions.

Customized Web Forms

A customized web form can be added to your DiscoverNet Business App. Once added a visitor browsing your Business App can fill out the form and submit their results to the you instantly. When the visitor submits the form, you receive an email notifying you that someone has filled out the form. If needed you can also export the results from our online control panel in a CSV format which can be easily imported into programs like Microsoft Excel and others. Our forms are mobile friendly and touch enabled. We currently offer the ability to include: input fields, text areas, drop down menus, check boxes, radio buttons, upload files and submit buttons.

Event List

Easily include a list of upcoming events you might be attending or sponsoring. You can display all the needed details about the event like the venue name & location, an overview of the event, the date, starting time, and ending time of the event, a Google map to the event, and even a photo.

Online Menu Integration

Allow your customer to order online from your wonderful restaurant, conveniently and securely pay by credit card. It's fast, easy and secure.

Mobile App Styles

Our Mobile Business App can be designed with many different styles. No two Business Apps we create are alike. We work with you to design the perfect header, footer, the style of the buttons, font size, icon size, colors, background image, transparency of the buttons, and much more.


Mobile Business Apps

We are dedicated to bring our customers beautiful & functional Business Apps that are designed toward bringing you more clients and more profits.

SMS / Text / Email Marketing

We have designed a easy to use system that will allow you to send text and email messages to your clients and customers notifying them of your specials & latest product information.

FaceNet™ Social Marketing

We specialize in making your Social Marketing campaigns successful which allows more potential customers learn about your business & products which translates into more sales.


Mobile Text Marketing

$29/mo /month

  • FREE “Keyword” Provided
  • To Short Code 27126
  • Weekly Message Delivery
  • Customers Optin For Specials
  • Auto-Pay Qualified
  • Buy Now

FaceNet Social Media 2.0

$45/mo /month

  • Free MarketSite™ Landing Page
  • 2 Facebook Ad Generated Monthly
  • Ad Linked To Landing Page
  • Ad Placed Every 2 Weeks
  • Up To 30,000 Plus Viewers
  • Auto-Pay Qualified
  • Buy Now

FaceNet Social Media 4.0

$65/mo /month

  • Free MarketSite™ Landing Page
  • 4 Facebook Ads Generated / Monthly
  • Ad Linked To MarketSite Landing Page
  • Ad Placed 4 Times Monthly
  • Up To 30,000 Plus Viewers
  • Auto-Pay Qualified
  • Buy Now

Marketing Bundle 1.0

$63/mo /month

  • SAVE 15%
  • Add Mobile Text Marketing ($29/mo value)
  • Plus FaceNet Social Media 2.0 ($45/mo value)
  • Auto-Pay Qualified
  • Buy Now

Marketing Bundle 2.0

$75/mo /month

  • SAVE 20%
  • Add Mobile Text Marketing ($29/mo value)
  • Plus FaceNet Social Media 4.0 ($65/mo value)
  • Auto-Pay Qualified
  • Buy Now

Promotional “KeyCard”

$Zero /month

Setup Fee: $49

  • 500 Promotional KeyCards
  • FREE Logo Graphics
  • Displays Your QR Code
  • Displays Your Text “Keyword”
  • Displays Your Text “Shortcode”
  • Full Color One Side
  • Buy Now

Mobile Business App

$15 /month

Setup Fee: $150

  • Tap-To-Call Feature
  • Business Hours w/ Interactive Maps
  • Menu & Events Displayed
  • Social Media Integration
  • Send To A Friend Feature
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Buy Now

On-Demand Text Marketing

$49 /month

Setup Fee: $150

  • Fully Automated To Work 24/7
  • Automated Interactive SMS/MMS Service
  • 1 To 15 Unique Call-to-action (CTA) Replies
  • Party Receives Info Only UPON REQUEST 24/7
  • You Receive A Unique Text Massaging Keyword
  • Receive The 590-590 Short Code
  • Buy Now

90 Second YouTube Video

$Zero /month

Setup Fee: $120

  • Hosted on NebraskaLive YouTube Channel
  • Dynamic Slideshow Show Video
  • Music Background
  • Dynamic Intro / Outro
  • SEO Optimized w/ Backlinks
  • Buy Now

MarketSite Landing-Page

$10 /month

Setup Fee: $50

  • FREE Hosting on Our Server
  • Business with Photos or Videos
  • Contact Information/Phone Number
  • Hours of Business
  • Integrated Google Map
  • Facebook Share/Like Buttons
  • Link To Your Website or Menu
  • Your "HUB" of Business Info
  • Buy Now

Restaurant Menu - Hosted PDF

$10 /month

Setup Fee: $60

  • Online Hosting
  • All Items Listed
  • Photos Where Applicable
  • Available 24/7
  • Free Update Twice Yearly
  • Buy Now

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